Search Engine Optimization (SEO), From Raleigh NC Web Design

This page offers more information about the NC Web developer’s use of SEO, the ‘optimization’ of your Web pages that will allow your site to appear ahead of your competitor’s during a search engine query. Now ask yourself the questions below and then read the answers:

If key words and phrases are needed to optimize the text on my website, how do I know which ones to use?

Our SEO specialists will do a comprehensive analysis of your product or service in order to find the key words and phrases that will work most effectively for you.

Who determines where and how often my key words/phrases are used?

The website optimization experts at Raleigh NC Web Design are highly skilled in the art and science of key words/phrases placement into your website copywriting. These search terms should be limited to a specific percentage of your total word count, and the location for each term is carefully chosen

What is an organic search result, and how does it vary from a pay-per-click (PPC), campaign?

An organic search result simply means that your website will rank high on a search engine query on its own content merit. The highly skilled Web developers and designers at our firm understand what is required to achieve a high organic ranking without the ongoing expense of a pay-per-click (PPC), campaign.

What is pay-per-click (PPC) ?

PPC is a search engine marketing (SEM), strategy that allows a business or individual to rank high on any given search engine query using a paid advertising campaign. PPC is exactly as its name implies because a website owner will be billed by a search engine company each time that owner’s site link is ‘clicked’ on by an online searcher, whether that searcher becomes a paying customer or not.

What is ethical SEO?

Raleigh NC Web Design always takes the white hat or ethical approach to website optimization. Search engines have rules that pertain to how a website should present itself online, and some SEO firms sometimes engage in a black hat approach that attempts to bend or break those rules. Always avoid the unethical optimization strategies because, in the long run, they always fail. To succeed, take the high road and talk to the ethical Web designers at our firm!